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Social star named Alex Guzman who first became known for posting vlogs, challenges and a range of comedic content to his Blesiv YouTube channel, which has over 1.3 million subscribers. He found an ever larger fanbase on TikTok, where he posts lip syncs, comedy content, POVs, dance routines and more for over 7 million fans.

Alex Guzman Merch

About Alex Guzman

Alex Guzman, also recognized by his online alias ‘Blesiv’, is an American social media star. He is best known for his TikTok videos, Instagram posts and YouTube channel. He initially earned fame on TikTok for posting lip-sync videos to songs by artists like Kodak Black and Boogie Wit da Hoodie. Meanwhile, he also became popular on platforms like Twitter and Vine. He later began his YouTube journey by posting funny videos, challenges, reactions, story-time videos and more.

His YouTube channel often features his family members and his best friend and fellow social media star, Carlos Mena. He has a very loyal fan base, which he maintains by frequently reacting to fan videos, mails and fan-fiction. Thanks to his photogenic features and boyish charms, he has also amassed a huge fan-following on Instagram, where he has 1.3 million followers. He is managed by talent agencies like Vivid Management and Parimore Entertainment.

Early life and Career

Alex Guzman was a normal personality who used to go to school and spend his time on most of the things that a random person used to do. However, he got to know about the social media industry from his friends.

After analyzing the power of YouTube and looking upon the other celebrities who have become famous and financially independent, he planned to give it a try. It was more challenging for Alex Guzman to thrive; however, his hard work and dedication perfectly paid off. Now, he has more than 1 million subscribers on the YouTube channel.

Alex Guzman Family

Alex Guzman Mother’s name is Gala Rivas, while his Father’s name is Alex. By Profession, his father is a businessman, and his mother is a homemaker.

Alex Guzman has two brothers, in the house. The older one is Harry, while the younger one is Henry. Unfortunately, the professional details of both brothers are not revealed. Therefore, we can easily say that he is the only one in the family who has become a well-known social media star.

Alex Guzman Merch

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