Alex Guzman Merch

Alex Guzman Family

Alex Guzman Mother’s name is Gala Rivas, while his Father’s name is Alex. By Profession, his father is a businessman, and his mother is a homemaker.

Alex Guzman has two brothers, in the house. The older one is Harry, while the younger one is Henry. Unfortunately, the professional details of both brothers are not revealed. Therefore, we can easily say that he is the only one in the family who has become a well-known social media star.

Alex Guzman Merch

Alex Guzman Net worth

It is apparent that the young social media star rakes a significant amount of money from his social media platforms. However, the exact amount he makes monthly or annually is not known. Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain his net worth.

Alex guzman background

Alex is the older brother of Sara Guzmán, she died in a horrific boating accident which Alex was accused of and sent to jail for. Cesar Lazcano, the father of Rodolfo Lazcano, promised to help Alex’s mother as she was very ill in return for keeping his son out of trouble. Even though Alex did this for them, Cesar did not live up to his promise, Alex was then sentenced 30 years in prison. 18 years later, Alex got released from jail for good behaviour. Soon after Alex was released, he was hell-bent on getting revenge on the Lazcano family for the pain and betrayal they brought to him, his sister & mother. He went above and beyond in his plan for revenge. He hacked peoples pones, invaded peoples privacy and exposed deep dark secrets of others in order to bring justice to his family.See more

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